Bonnie & Clydeside

Bonnie and Clydeside are Rebecca Bain and Alex Garrick-Wright, a comedy duo based in Scotland, but 300 miles apart. They’re very annoyed that they won’t get credit for pioneering joke-writing via Zoom.

It’s a tale as old as time; they met at an improv workshop, both pretending to be horny gazelles, and started writing together soon after. A couple of years down the line, and they’ve written for a number of programmes on radio, TV, and online. They’ve also won the British Comedy Guide’s Making A Scene Of It award for a sitcom script about 3 bickering engineers chained to a radiator, and the Audience Choice Award at the Shetland Screenplay Film Festival for their BBC Sketch, The Sun Caller!

Rebecca tells everyone she’s half-Scottish, but she lives in Edinburgh and her Mum’s from Fife so it’s like 1/3 at best. She’s the funny one. Rebecca is a comedy robot; good at the process of structuring and writing excellent jokes.

Alex is a Glaswegian and won’t shut up about it. He’s the one with the nice hair, and lives on a cold island in the middle of nowhere. Alex is a comedy pirate; good at hilarious ideas, unique characters and massive over-acting.

You can find out more about the work we do here and get in touch with us here!

We were also guests on the Sitcom Geeks podcast, after winning the Making A Scene Of It competition in 2021!